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Thank you for visiting Worship Programming. The passion of this personal ministry is to pour my life into helping the body of Christ to learn, develop and grow in maturity of faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

I believe in the power of one – one life committed to Jesus can make an enormous impact when connected to another life committed to Jesus. When those lives become connected with other lives by passion and vision, the power to impact our world with the love and message of Jesus grows exponentially. It all starts with one – the power of one. Perhaps you are that one – this ministry believes that you are and exists to help you reach your full potential in Jesus.

If you have questions, or would like to connect with me in some way, please contact me at [email protected] . I trust that the resources found in this sight will be a challenge and inspiration to your spirit. Make yourself at home.

Joelson Santos

About Joey

Joelson “Joey” Santos has a vision for developing leaders and seeing the Body of Christ reach its full potential.  That vision is rooted in godly heritage and born of a deep desire to pass on what God has given him through his experiences and by prayer and study.

Joey Santos, born in Brazil, is from a multi-generational ministry family.  Joey’s father, Gilson Santos, has been ministering for nearly 50 years, and continues in pastoral ministry in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  It was in his father’s church, observing through the years his father’s life and ministry, that the seeds were planted for Joey’s own ministry.

Joey’s experiences and abilities initially led him into the field of technology and media.  He spent a number of years at the Ford Motor Company in Brazil, and in his own technology consulting firm.  With remarkable success Joey used these opportunities to begin to develop his skills and philosophy of leadership, and began to contemplate how to apply these principles in developing leaders for the Kingdom of God.

In 1999, Joey felt compelled to leave his success in Brazil behind, and come to America.  He arrived with scarce financial support and little knowledge of the English language.  It was in these trying times, struggling to work and study English, that Joey learned to trust and rely upon God.  Throughout his first few years in America, Joey not only mastered the English language, but also developed a great passion for the American church.

In 2002, Joey was ordained in ministry at Oasis Christ Fellowship, where he had been serving in various capacities since arriving in America.  During the “Oasis years”, Joey not only answered the call to ministry, but began to seriously develop his gifts as a leader.  Much hard work, prayer and mentoring caused Joey to be recognized as an indispensable leader in the congregation and community.

In early 2003, Joey relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana, where he has continued to serve in ministry at Christ Fellowship of Indianapolis.  From 2007 to 2017 he worked full time for Mount Pleasant Christian Church as Worship Programming and Communications Pastor. He oversaw the media and productions of each service and on a daily basis managed the communication department, which involved all church database, websites, marketing and publications .

As of June 2017, Joey Santos is the Global Integration Pastor for Christ’s Church at Mason.

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