Christmas begins in February..


For Programming and Worship & Arts ministries, Christmas begins a little early. This year at Mount Pleasant Christian Church, we will once again have great weekend celebrations and hopefully be inspired by the true message of Christmas.

For us, this conversation begins early in the year. This process begins with a lot of talk between our two ministries, our senior pastor, and few volunteers who help us design key elements for Christmas services.




Back in February, we had our first conference calls to talk about some of the elements and possible stage modifications. At that point we did not yet have a title or song selections, but this conversation was really important because it helped the worship pastor to identify what direction he would take on the song selections and who would sing them. For instance, at this point during our conversations early this year, we considered having the choir in a different formation onstage, separated in groups. As we progressed with our planning, we figured that it would be possible but not needed after the final design was done.



In June, we began to make final decisions on stage design and moved to planning the opening number animation and lighting design. This is a  process that involved a graphic designer, animation, and Orange Thread Media, who has had a great partnership with us for several years. They participate in the conversation as well, helping the planning and walking along us developing ideas and content for the services.

By mid-August, the song selections are at a point where we can begin developing some key animations and define what the service opening will look like, as well as make a final list of the lighting rentals needed for the weekend.

As rehearsals begin, things start to get in shape. New ideas may arrive, and that is ok. It is important to always be willing to adjust and change, but because we start planning so early, changes at this point are not that difficult to make, whereas if we were just planning the services now, we would not have time to adjust later.  If we start planning now, at this time of the year, we are running against the clock.

Volunteers play a huge role during planning and preparation, and planning ahead helps to coordinate and communicate with volunteers. Planning ahead helps to protect your volunteer’s time and encourages them to stay engaged.  Their involvement can result in great ideas during the process.

Between the programming team, band, choir, worship team, children’s choir and helpers, ushers, and greeters, Children’s ministry volunteers, and others, we will have over 400 volunteers serving during 6 services in one weekend.



For 2014, we have already begun the conversations and initial planning. New things are already put in motion for next year’s celebration.


So I hope you join us for this year’s special Christmas services. Volunteers and staff have worked really hard for months, just to make sure that when you are here with us, you can enter into a great time of worship and hear the great Christmas message delivered through music, technology, and a sermon from the Word of God.  And remember to bring family and friends to celebrate with us.


See you there!


Special Christmas Services:

Worship Center:

Friday, December 13 @ 7 PM

Saturday, December 14 @ 3:45 and 6 PM (ASL available at 6 PM service only)

Sunday, December 15 @ 8:45 and 10:45 AM


Video Venue (SMC):

Sunday, December 15 @ 10:45 AM

For more information visit

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