Month: October 2015

Volunteer Development – Serving Together

One of the greatest joys of the ministry I get to lead is that its success depends one hundred percent on a team building mentality. We have much less chance to succeed without this mind set, so from beginning to end, we focus on the idea that serving together is better than serving alone.

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Night of Worship: Behind the Scenes

ModelEvery year, Night of Worship is a great time of celebration through songs and devotion. This special night gives the Worship and Arts Team the opportunity to add more creativity to our stage and lighting design, projection elements and video work, compared to what we usually do for our regular weekend services.

At our church, nothing is more important than content—including song lyrics, printed text or spoken word. Everything else adds to how we deliver this content. So, once the songs are chosen and the devotion topic is outlined, I design a stage and all the elements to go with these, based on what is really important.5DCW0451

For this year’s Night of Worship, I designed a stage that would draw focus and enhance the experience without generating distractions. For instance, I used 18 moving lights – MAC101. But they moved very little, however. For each song I used the lights to create a scene, instead of making a lighting show with them.

That is why FOCUS is so important when it comes to worship services. Another aspect of lighting the stage has to do with not focusing so much on the band and focusing instead on the singer or worship team delivering the song. At times it’s appropriate to highlight a musician or two, but nothing is more important than directing the focus of the audience on the topic and where the message is being delivered.

The same principal applies to projection. Environmental projection was done in 4 columns (2ft x 16ft). For the main songs during our Night of Worship, I used a single image or video. Changes on graphics only happened when they absolutely made sense with the song and message.

Here is the list of equipment used for the Night of Worship:

18 MAC 101 (LED moving lights)

4 Trusses

1 Christie DLP 7000 lumens Projector

1 Christie DLP 6000 lumens Projector

1 Pro Video Player – (environmental projection content)

6 SeaChangers

4 LED Washer

Over 30 Stages Lights (leko, Source Four, etc.)

PHOTOS by Chris Williams


7DCW0198 5DCW0011 5DCW0077 5DCW0125 5DCW0189 5DCW0200 5DCW0327 7DCW0153 XO9O9844

IMG_3826 IMG_3815 IMG_3814 IMG_3802 IMG_3765 IMG_3763 IMG_3760

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