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Making the most out of what God has given to you TODAY!

MPCCconcert2012Oct126-2Working with technology is not easy due to the simple fact that it keeps constantly changing . This makes it hard at times to decide which option is the “perfect” option for me and my ministry. One of the greatest lessons I have learned from working at a church is to make the most out of what God has given to me at that moment. Churches do not have unlimited funds, so from time to time, we will find ourselves doing things but thinking, it could be better if I had…

Since we all can learn from our mistakes, here are few of my own that helped me to grow and develop within my ministry. Maybe you will find yourself in similar situations wherever you are in your ministry today.

1. The COMPARISON Mistake

In the past, sometimes I’d compare my church and my ministry with others. And sometimes after learning how and what they did, I tried to duplicate the same formula in my ministry. It did not work. I did not realize that they were in a different context, had a different budget, their gifts were different, and their needs were different. Or they had a different vision then I had in my church. I learned that all churches have the same Biblical mission, but they each set out to accomplish that mission in different ways. When all we want is to copy what someone else is doing, disregarding our own vision, mission, and values, we open the door to doing things with the wrong motivation. This mistake becomes even bigger when we compare our ministry with much larger churches than ours.

When large churches count on multiple professional staff members for a single ministry and we don’t have that type of resource at hand, we forget that our volunteers can have a huge impact and fulfill the church’s vision. These volunteers may be the resource that God has placed in your hands today, so make the most out of it. I’ve learned that the best way to evaluate success in my programming ministry is by the impact that the ministry has created in the lives of those who God ordained to serve.


Dealing with people potentially leads to occasional conflict, and it is necessary to not delay any discussion or action that leads to a positive solution. In the past, sometimes I wanted to avoid conflict or the potential loss of a desperately needed volunteer, so I avoided confrontation (based on the Matthew 18 model). But after a while, we ended up facing the same issue with frustration and disappointments, which may lead to revenge and punishment instead of healing and restoration. Sometime there is no shortcuts to restoration, but by responding according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and biblical principles, people tend to respond more positively.


It is hard to respond well to harsh criticism. I’ve learned that at times like that our Christian character is really tested. The way we respond to it may determine who we are and how our walk with God is. After all, a response to any criticism goes beyond the issue in itself and ends up revealing who you really are. In that situation, make it as positive as possible. Listen to what they have to say, then take what is good and what can help your ministry to grow and let everything else go.

Regardless of the size of church you are serving today, God has called you with a purpose, and your job is to seek Him so you can fulfill that call. It may not give you all you have asked for, it make offer many challenges with people and situations, and you may have to endure a lot of criticism at times. But remember that your job is to make the most out of what God has trusted you with TODAY. Tomorrow, conditions may change, and you will be in a place that will require adjusting and adapting, so be ready for it. Changes will come and challenges will rise and the outcome will depend on how you will respond to what God has placed right in front of you. In John Maxwell’s book Today Matters, he says, “To be successful, you can’t just run on the fast track; run on your track” and for you it can be exactly the place where God has called you to be and serve. So seek Him to guide your journey, and you will most certainly experience full potential and fulfillment in your ministry TODAY.

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