Month: March 2012

Poland, the great mission field

In 2008 I had the privilege to travel with Pastor Chris Philbeck, Alan Baumlein, and my friend Dr. Mike Russell on a journey into three of the mission fields Mount Pleasant Christian Church (MPCC) partners with: Poland, India and Kenya.

It was an amazing experience and nothing short of life-changing for me personally. Each country had unique cultural values that brought challenges to the mission field in very unique ways.

Poland was our first stop, and it was amazing to see and experience God’s hand in every aspect of the mission that MPCC has via PROeM, our mission partner in Poland. PROeM has been very strategic on how they involve themselves into their community, and they do this in ways that would not work in other mission fields, because the particular needs Poland presents. The preschool has been a tremendous success, only because it is an oasis in the desert, where good education and Biblical values are taught to mostly kids from unchurched families. Poland is a country in need of God’s presence, and ministries like PROeM make the truth available wherever they go. One other project I was able to experience firsthand was church planting. Many places in Poland have no church at all, and every time we send a group to Poland we expand the possibilities of planting a new church.

Music has always been a great way to reach the lost. PROeM knows that really well, and they have bands that travel around the country, participating on festivals and singing in public places while promoting the Truth and sharing the Gospel.

I really look forward to go back to Poland this May with the Worship & Arts ministry of Mount Pleasant Christian Church. I know that God is going to use this ministry and do great things over there. But I also believe that many of us are going to come back to the U.S. transformed by the experience we are about to have together.

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