Month: February 2012

We LOVE Social Media

There is no question; social media is here to stay. If you are not connected to some type of social media, most likely you will be soon.

I looked at some recent data from, and it gives us a clear picture about how social media affects our lives daily. The key is, we can use social media to meet our needs to communicate and connect with others:

  1. It can help us find work:
    • 41% of the class of 2011 used social media in their job search
    • 71% of employers used Facebook to learn more about potential candidates.
  2. Today, 4 out of 5 internet users visit social networks and blogs
  3. On a busy day, Twitter gets about 170 million tweets
  4. Americans spend more time on Facebook than on any other U.S. website
  5. Americans use social media to…
  • Keep in touch with friends and family…67%
  • Reconnect with old friends… 50%
  • Make friends… 18%

It’s entertaining. Over 250 million photos are uploaded each day (my guess is that I am responsible for most food pictures on social media). In one week, 1.75 billion photos are posted.

Total online video streams: 100 million videos

Not sure if social media is for you? Think it over. When we talk about ministry, it’s common to hear people say, “We need to go where people are.” There is no question in my mind that with creativity and the right message, we can impact many lives through social media.

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