Month: September 2011

With Worship in Mind

“Programming teams are equipped to perform their weekly activities efficiently with worship in mind

 Last weekend marked a great moment in my personal ministry life. It all began ten months ago when I was talking with my co-worker and friend, Brian Tabor, Worship and Arts Pastor. We felt inspired to create an event for worship and arts teams.

Last weekend, over thirty churches and their worship & arts team, from all over the Midwest, came together for the first time In the city of Greenwood to learn and get inspired at the Engage Conference, which took place at Mount Pleasant Christian Church –

During this one-day conference, we shared Information about all sorts of subjects related to the weekly activities and tasks that worship leaders, programming directors, and their team go through with passion and dedication. It was an overwhelming feeling to see rooms filled with church staff and volunteers who came together to learn about music theory, vocal techniques, drums in worship, guitars in worship, hands-on programming, videos, projection and stage elements of worship, rhythm section, worship expression, volunteer development, worship preparation, and sound techniques. Each main session brought a refreshing and encouraging time of worship, and the conference closed the day with a special communion time.

I am thankful for God’s grace and provision. He directed our way from day one and our prayers had always been to make Engage an instrument of His purpose.

I continue to pray for those who attended the Engage Conference, that God may use them in their churches in powerful ways and keep their hearts encouraged and full of passion for Him.  May all of us strive to make God, and only God, the focus of all our efforts.

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