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I’ve been involved in church technology for almost 15 years now, and it is hard to believe how much change we have been through during these years.

From church projection systems all the way to the Twitter and Facebook age, technology plays a huge role in how we do ministry these days. There always will be a debate about how much technology really belongs to a church day-to-day operation, but as I daily use and observe how its application applies to today’s church, I believe that we can find opportunities we should not miss.

For some, social networking is nothing but a waste of time, but for others it’s part of their lifestyle. The key is to find balance and purpose in everything we do.

I am of the opinion that nothing has the potential to be more powerful than the “Share” link. With the click of a link, you have the power to share whatever content you feel is worth the effort and time of others to see.

Some of us may feel that fellowship and community is not complete unless we are physically together, and social networking is at its best use when it can meet that need. Before, you might have to wait until the weekend, when you had a meeting scheduled with your friends, to share the good news. Now, you don’t have to wait any more, you share your thoughts and information immediately.

Have you considered how much information from your church you can share immediately? Here are a few things you could start sharing with your friends now, and potentially you could be leading someone to Christ or encouraging somebody who needs encouragement:

–       Weekly Sermon (video and audio)

–       Scriptures

–       Devotions

–       Pastor’s Blog

–       Ministry Opportunities (i.e., serve at the food pantry, join the choir, etc.)

–       Worship Opportunities (i.e., service times, special events, etc.)

–       Sermon Notes (Via YouVersion)

–       Prayer Request (online prayer request system)

–       More…

You can add to the list, but I believe you get the idea. The “Share” button can be a powerful tool in your ministry life. By sharing relevant information, you show others how much you care for them. Take advantage and “share” the Good News.

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