Month: August 2010

ONE Element of Worship

Have you wondered how to combine a call to worship song with a welcome, three worship songs, a message, communion, baptism, and announcements and make it all seamless, so that when you walk out for the church at the end of service, it all felt like one single element of Worship?

One of the hardest parts of my job as a Worship Programming pastor is to identify the elements that will connect the entire service. Through the years, I have learned that it is impossible to do it without few things:

–       God must be the focus of your personal life. Your job, creativity, and performance will reflect how connected you are with Him.

–       Stop trying to figure it out and start to listen. God will speak to you as much as you make yourself open to listen to him. There are many elements that will enhance the weekend service, but only the right ones will connect the audience to Him.

–       Seek help and develop connections. In my case, my connection and help comes from my senior pastor and worship and arts pastor.

–       Remember, you are not in control. The church will not simply respond to what you put together alone, but to what the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts.

Worship programming has the potential to be looked at as a very technical aspect of the weekend service. Yet there is a reason why the word “Worship” comes before the word programming, worship comes first, and this is something we  live out during each service at Mount Pleasant Christian Church. We don’t look at it as a technical job, but as a very important item of our weekend worship experiences.

It is our goal to come every weekend to just serve. The Holy Spirit alone is the ONE element that will bring the service together and provide each person in the audience a personal connection with Him through all the service elements, making everything combined, ONE element of worship.

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