Month: July 2010

The Right Elements

Every weekend at Mount Pleasant Christian Church, we work on a very special service.

Brian Tabor, Worship and Arts Pastor, does a phenomenal job with the music selection every week. This weekend he brought something different: a bluegrass four-piece band. In times when most of Worship & Arts/Programming folks seem to be searching for the latest and the greatest, Brian pulled this one out of the hat in great style. We are blessed with an army of excellent musicians, volunteers who weekly dedicate their personal time and energy to serve the Lord with the best they can offer.

From the Programming side rested the opportunity to bring into focus what was about to happen on stage. We actually did something we usually don’t do. After the countdown, we usually begin the service with lights at 100% and the full band and singers leading the church into a time of praise and worship. But since this special bluegrass music would begin right after the countdown, we chose to dim the lights to 40%. This allowed the church to focus on the stage and to worship from the heart. as they listened to “I’ll Fly Away” performed bluegrass style.

What a great way to start a service. It was inspiring and engaging. The special music was followed by “You, You are God” and “Happy Day”, with great participation from the congregation.

The right elements for weekend service are the elements that the Holy Spirit places in front of us. Sometimes they won’t be what we think are the latest or the greatest, but they will be the right ones.

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Let the Worshippers Arise

I have the great opportunity to serve in a ministry that reflects its name in its volunteers. As the Worship programming pastor at Mount Pleasant Christian Church, every weekend I get to experience not only the church worshipping, but also the volunteers worshipping while they serve. Whether it is changing song lyrics onscreen or moving a lighting setting, it is absolutely awesome to see them do their tasks with excellence and worship at the same time. I have been questioned before if this is a problem, since it could represent a potential distraction during the service. And I have to say, it does not have to be!

Well-trained volunteers will be able to deliver what they are asked to do and worship at the same time. For some, to raise their hands during a song could represent a challenge (video camera operator, for instance). But that should not stop them from worshipping from their hearts, which is what is expected from all of us anyway.

Today at Mount Pleasant Christian Church (, we count on at least seven volunteers every week, to run projection, sound, cameras, and lights. We expect them to do their tasks with passion and excellence, but first and foremost, we expect them to be true worshippers. I am proud of our volunteers and all that they bring to the ministry. My prayer is that we will grow this ministry even more, and as we serve, we will let the worshippers arise.

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Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go before the US immigration office for my last interview on my citizenship and naturalization process. I have been in the US for over 10 years now, and it is a true privilege to know that within sixty days, I will be able to say that I am proud to be an American.

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